The Gift of Worship


In a world often driven by self-gratification, it’s crucial to revisit the essence of worship and its true purpose. In Matthew 2:1-12 and Exodus 30:34-37, we find a profound message about the sacred nature of worship and the significance of offering it to the One who deserves it most—God.

Worship Belongs to God Alone:

The account of the Magi’s journey in the Gospel of Matthew serves as a poignant reminder that the focus of our worship should be God Himself. Worship is not a transaction where we expect to gain something for ourselves; rather, it is a heartfelt offering of honor, reverence, glory, obedience, and adoration to the Creator.


I. The Seeking Hearts of Worshipers

The Magi’s pursuit of the King, as depicted in Matthew 2:1-2, is a beautiful portrayal of genuine worship. Their eagerness to find and worship Jesus reflects the essence of true devotion.

II. The Significance of Worship

A. The recognition of Jesus’ divinity (Matthew 2:2)

  • The Magi sought the true King, recognizing Jesus’ divinity and unique role as the long-awaited Messiah.

B. The act of worship as an expression of reverence and surrender

  • Worship is not merely a ritual but an act of surrender, acknowledging Jesus as the eternal King.

III. The Sacrifice of Worship

A. The costly gifts presented to Jesus (Matthew 2:11)

  • The wise men’s extravagant gifts signify the depth of their worship, offering their best to the newborn King.

B. The willingness to offer our best to Christ in worship.

  • True worship involves giving of ourselves, our time, our treasure, and our honor to the One who deserves it all.

IV. The Reaction of Others

A. King Herod’s insecurity and anger (Matthew 2:3-4)

  • Herod’s reaction highlights the world’s resistance to true worship and its conflicting response to the revelation of the true King.

B. The world’s conflicting response to true worship

  • Despite the Magi’s example, many choose not to worship the true God, preferring to continue living without acknowledging His lordship.

V. The Guidance of Worship

A. The guiding star leading the Magi (Matthew 2:9-10)

  • The mysterious guidance of the star emphasizes that God’s ways are beyond human understanding, and our focus should remain on worshiping Him.

VI. The Transformational Power of Worship

A. The Magi’s encounter with Jesus (Matthew 2:11-12)

  • Worshiping Jesus transforms hearts, as seen in the Magi’s joyful acknowledgment of His authority and dignity, accompanied by sacrificial gifts.


A. Surrender to Him

  • True worship involves submitting every aspect of our lives to Jesus, allowing Him to rule and reign.

B. Abundant living in worship

  • Worship extends beyond Sunday services; cultivating a lifestyle of worship transforms everything we do.


In the end, the choice lies before us—to bow now and follow Jesus or to bow later when it may be too late. Let us embrace the gift of worship, recognizing the worthiness of our Lord and Savior. Whether it’s through the seeking hearts of worshipers, the significance of worship, the sacrifice it entails, the reactions it elicits, or the guidance it receives, true worship has the power to transform lives. So, let us join the Magi in adoration and declare, “O come, let us adore Him—He is indeed wonderful and worthy!